We May Not Have It All Together But Together We Have It All

We May Not Have It All Together But Together We Have It All
June 2013

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cast #4

On July 10, Ashley went in for her next check up on her broken arm.  She's getting pretty good at knowing her way around the doctor's office and knowing the routine.  First, we visit x-ray, then we go to the exam room and wait to see Dr. Murray.

According to the xray, everything is looking great.  New bone is forming and filling in to replace the broken bone.  On the small bone, you can barely see where the two bones have grown back together.  You can still see the crack on the larger bone but the bone spur I was worried about the time before is now gone and has been replaced with new bone.

Even though everything is healing great, Ashley still needs to be in a cast so off goes cast #3 and on comes cast #4.

As they take off the old casts, Ashley cracks me up that she doesn't want to see her arm.  I think she's still afraid that it's crooked.  I reassure her that her arm is now straight but she still doesn't want to look.  As you can see...

The nurses at the doctor's office have been so awesome in letting Ashley design her own casts.  I had no idea that you totally needed to be an artist to apply a cast.  This go round, Ashley has gone with orange and pink with glitter!!

At this appointment, the doctor indicated we will probably have one more cast after this one and then a splint.  Yep, there goes the entire summer but Ashley is being such a trooper.

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